New Membership and Subscription

Hi there!

I'm here announcing the fact I've enabled's membership feature.

Free Membership

So there will always be free content on this blog. I plan to get back into more content creation, and have a few posts queued up for the next few weeks. If you sign up for free, you'll get an email detailing when a post goes live. In other posts I've asked to subscribe to MailChimp, but I'll be phasing that out after this post goes live. So subscribe for free to get email updates! If you're coming here through the email about this post, make sure you subscribe for free!

What do I get if I pay?

The most you'll get out of paying is supporting me. This site costs money to run and host, and takes time to produce. That's the reality of hosting things on the internet.

Early and Beta access to the podcast app

When the basics of the app are complete, I'll start publishing early access. Once it's fully released, I'll still need beta testers. Everyone who supports the paid ($5/month) will get access to the early versions of the app.

Early access and Ad Free

So I've started putting a single ad at the top of my posts, to help offset the costs of hosting. Though, as of this writing, has made me 21 cents. If you subscribe, you'll get exclusive access to ad free posts. They'll be a copy of the free post, with no ad. You'll also get the posts a week early. This also includes Youtube Videos.

Making the App Free

If I can get to 200 subscribers before I go live with the app, I won't integrate ads into the app. It will be free for everyone with no kind of catch!

Casey Daniel

Casey Daniel

Tracy Pyett

Tracy Pyett